Corderman Women in Construction Feature: Hannah Corderman

Join us in celebrating our Corderman Women in Construction Feature, Hannah Corderman! A Boston native, Hannah graduated from Colby College with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a minor in Art. After graduating on a Sunday, Hannah went to work on Monday at Corderman & Company. As an Assistant Marketing Director, Hannah is extremely dedicated to strengthening Corderman & Company’s place as a leading construction management firm. Moreover, Hannah’s personal enthusiasm towards philanthropy drives her to support and enrich Corderman & Company’s shared values and commitment to social responsibility. Corderman is proud to have Hannah on the team!

A few questions we asked Hannah...

1. How did you end up in the construction industry? Even though I grew up in the construction industry due to my father’s own passion for construction, I definitely never expected to personally end up working anywhere near the field. My interests were primarily in marketing and design. During my senior year of college, I decided to intern at Corderman as a way to broaden my professional perspective in general. It was during that time that I realized there is so much more to the construction industry than just “construction”. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of marketing in the construction industry and saw an incredible opportunity to be a part of helping Corderman & Company, a firm I am so deeply connected to on an emotional level, continue to grow and make a positive impact on the lives of others. I also fell in love with the people who make Corderman & Company so special and cherished the opportunity to continue coming to work everyday with such an amazing team.

2. What do like most about being in the construction industry? The people I get to connect with on a daily basis. Construction brings together all different types of people and personalities and I get to meet people from so many different backgrounds - clients, partners, architects, building managers, etc. - who all share an integral part in the construction process. I love it.

3. What do you like least about being in the construction industry? That the construction day starts at 6am. Sometimes I would like to sleep in a little...

4. What do you consider to be one of your top accomplishments related to the construction industry? I think getting over my fear of working for my father’s construction company and being judged for taking, what many might perceive as, “the easy way” of getting a job. It took a lot of courage to turn away from other opportunities and decide to follow what I knew I truly wanted to do, which is work for Corderman & Company, a firm with incredible values, people, and an abundance of exciting opportunities. Working with the father as the top boss is definitely not always easy - expectations are much higher than you’d think! So I consider my decision to follow my heart and take on this job my greatest construction related accomplishment thus far.

5. Why do you like working for Corderman & Company? I genuinely look forward to coming to work everyday. As much as I would like to sleep in some days, I don’t actually mind coming in early when there’s a great group of people waiting to meet me in the office. Besides the amazing people who make working for Corderman so wonderful, the perks offered by the company are unbeatable - a Whole Foods stocked kitchen, unlimited beer and wine, company events all the time, Corderman Women spa days and lunches...the list is endless. I also love working for Corderman & Company because the firm wants its employees to explore their passions and ideas, both personal and professional - having the freedom to pursue exciting opportunities is undeniably special.

6. What inspires you? Travel. I crave it.

7. What’s your favorite place in the world? This is impossible to answer…. Iceland, London, Kauai, Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard (can’t pick one over the other anymore after living on MV), Bruges, Charleston, Austin, Montepulciano, Nashville… the list goes on forever.