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Corderman Women in Construction Feature: Odette Carr

Our next Corderman Women in Construction feature is our Human Resource & Office Director, Odette Carr! A native of northern Maine, Odette is multilingual and multi-talented, powering Corderman & Company with her incredible work ethic and support for all our construction management services. Odette’s charisma and devotion to the people of this firm is truly awe-inspiring. Thank you Odette for your commitment and contribution to the success of Corderman & Company!

A few questions we asked Odette...

1. How did you end up in the construction industry? Simply by chance. In my lifetime, I have been involved in support roles for different industries. I have been a Telecommunications Manager, a Human Resource Manager, and a Payroll Manager. My last employment was with a printing company that unfortunately closed. I was made aware of a position here at C&Co. that was a perfect fit for my background. That’s how I made it into this industry.

2. What do like most about being in the construction industry? This is a difficult question to answer with just a few words – but I’ll ‘spare’ you and condense my answer! I marvel at projects that develop from an otherwise old, empty space to a fabulous, engaging environment. It truly becomes a work of art.   

3. What do you like least about being in the construction industry? Of course, the simple answer to this is – there is a terrific imbalance in the makeup of this workforce. Women are slowly entering and nudging their way to prominent positions in this industry but it’s taking too long and is sometimes becomes too difficult to achieve. Women have such tremendous capabilities that lead to positive results most every time.    

4. What do you consider to be one of your top accomplishments related to the construction industry? Hands down! My employment at C&Co. My new position as Human Resources & Office Director proves to me the confidence top management has in me.

5. Why do you like working for Corderman & Company? Again, too many words – too little space!  The positive and engaging company culture found here begins at the very top and filters throughout the office and field. David Corderman is an extremely generous and respectful employer who inspires us all to be the best we can be. Therefore, we all strive to do our best job and more. We are all treated with the utmost respect and are part of a large Corderman Family and are encouraged to participate in the many volunteer programs attended by the Corderman team. In this day of cut-throat business environments, it is reassuring to know there are still employers who are sensitive to their employees and realize the true value of these individuals in the workplace. Personally, I truly enjoy coming to work every day and strive to make a positive impact each day. I love working with everyone in our Corderman Family hoping I make a positive difference in their day, no matter how small. My motto is “Stay Positive”  “Work Hard”  & “Make It Happen” “Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

6. What inspires you? My faith is first and foremost. I believe our lives are already planned out for us.  We just need to believe. People inspire me. My passion for finding ‘goodness’ in my surroundings. My love of animals and the hope that someday I can become more influential with their care. Doing my best job – whatever I may be doing. The love of my children.

7. What’s your favorite place in the world? Simple – wherever I am!