177 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

4,000 SF

Design: Visnick & Caulfield Associates

ADDRESS: 10 St. James Ave, Boston    SIZE: 65,000+ SF    Architect: Visnick & Caulfield Associates


Client aspirations for a minimalist aesthetic that coincides with corporate functionality directed the construction of this private investment firm’s high-end office space. To achieve a minimalist look, the entire office upheld a strict white color scheme, including the white marble tile flooring that was installed throughout the space. Executive and associate interior offices were surrounded by floor to ceiling glass walls with discreet framing lines, both of which served to enhance natural light and convey understated sophistication. Other architectural elements that were built for Renegade’s office, which also featured a large conference room, open work station area and a new pantry, included millwork and wallcovering. 

Unique Project Features:

  • Construction was dictated by client goals to achieve a minimalist aesthetic that would coincide with corporate functionality. Architectural elements, for example, were set against an elegant white color scheme that included millwork, ceramic flooring and wallcovering. 

  • The reception area, which showcased the client’s art collection, was enhanced with custom brand signage.

  • The mechanical system and overhead lighting were incorporated into the original concrete structure of the building, which created a challenge with design and construction, particularly when it came to upgrading the old light fixtures, a building standard, to new, custom-designed fixtures.