160 Federal Street, Boston, MA

25,000 SF

Design: Margulies Perruzzi Architects


At the height of busy tax season, this major accounting firm needed to stay fully occupied and functional throughout the multi-million dollar renovation. In order to accomplish this, pre-construction and construction were completed in three phases, with strategic employee relocation, to minimize disruption to Edelstein staff. One phase involved a 7,000 SF expansion, including an employee café with custom barn doors, while the other two phases included two major renovations to existing spaces. Since Edelstein is a full-floor tenant, the base building elevator lobby and corridor became an integrated part of the renovation.

Unique Project Features:

  • Temporary relocation of Edelstein & Company staff allowed the firm to maintain normal business operations during all three, strategically planned phases of construction.

  • Although the project was completed in three phases, the office ultimately looked as if it underwent a single phase construction renovation due to the incredible synergy between the Edelstein & Company, the architect, the engineer and Corderman & Company team.

  • Previously used office furnishings were preserved and donated to The Furniture Trust to redistribute to non-profits and community schools. In total, 65,485 pounds of material were donated to 11 different local non-profits.